About us

Cantine Cavallotti takes its origins back in 1944 in Scuropasso Valley, Cigognola Municipality, from the strong vision of its founder Ferdinando Cavallotti. Now, the third-generation family business is driven by brothers Elena and Cesare who, with a passionate, expert and forward-thinking approach, have been carrying out the vision and phylosophy caractherising Cantine Cavallotti's wines for 70 years.

The company is organized in two different units:
- the production unit, in the very heart of the region called Oltrepo Pavese, Cigognola (PV),home for the wine production carried on according to traditional techniques. Here, under the expert guide of enologist Claudio Colombi, Cantine Cavallotti's team selects and turns the best grapes lots of the region into elegant and peculiar wines.
- the distribution unit, aimed at wine distribution and selling, located in a strategic place near the city of Milan (Bubbiano),thus allowing clients to easily reach our products.

After 2007, Cantine Cavallotti have been particularly concentrating on the production of Pinot Nero. They strongly believe that the territory of Oltrepò Pavese is particularly suitable for this wine grape variety.

Winemaking process is obtaining satisfying results and acknowledgements within all the most important international guides.

In particular, pivotal products the company will be focusing on in the next future are Spumante Metodo classico “Linea la Bolla” and Pinot Nero vinificato in rosso linea “Nerot”.

Via Vallescuropasso 92, 27040 Cigognola (PV)
Via Europa, 9/A, 20080 Bubbiano (MI):
Tel: 02.90848829